Texting and driving: Delray rep calls out Senate chair to toughen law

Distracted Driving

Florida is one of four states that don't make texting while driving a primary offense, meaning cops cannot cite it unless they pull someone over for another infraction like speeding. At that point it brings a $30 fine, plus local add-on fees. Records requested by The Palm Beach Post showed crash reports …

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Distracted Driving
Push to rename highway after cop

Risvold said that in addition to being a tribute to the officer, renaming the section of highway would act as a safety reminder to drivers passing through the area. “Beyond the honor comes an opportunity to educate the motoring public about the dangers of texting and driving, of distracted driving, … …

Distracted Driving
Stiffer penalty for distracted driving

Texting and talking behind the wheel in Manitoba could soon cost you your license. The Pallister government is tabling a new law that will introduce roadside suspensions for using hand held devices while driving. It would mean three days for a first offence and seven days for a second offence. …

Distracted Driving
Manitoba to crack down on distracted driving with roadside licence suspensions

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government is planning tougher penalties for people who drive while using a hand-held cellphone or other device. A bill being presented to the legislature calls for immediate roadside licence suspensions on top of existing fines and demerit points. A first-time offence would … Read More Share this …