Frequently asked questions

Are 911 calls allowed?
Yes, Emergency calls are always allowed
You can assign certain contacts as Favorites and allow phone calls to pass through while DriveSafe is ON. First DriveSafe will let the caller know you are driving and ask them to call back again if it is an urgent matter, then the second call won’t be silenced and it will go through.
DriveSafe is designed to work with Android 4.1 or greater.
It is FREE!
You can choose to add advanced functionalities to pair with your car or to remove the automated text notification but that is optional.
Yes, DriveSafe works with any wireless carrier anywhere in the world. If you have any questions, our staff is standing by to chat with you now.
Messages are kept in your phone the usual way, and the distracting notification sound is silenced. An automatic message is sent to let them know that you are driving.Phone calls are sent to voicemail and the caller receives a text message letting them know that you are driving.
Discounts may be available with some insurance companies, call your agent to see if you qualify.
DriveSafe is compatible with Android™ smartphones.
Yes you can, as long as your DriveSafe account isn’t paired with the DriveSafe button or car you are a passenger in.